About Valeriya

Valeriya, born in Kazakhstan in 1983, luxury fashion designer who had a long way to come to fashion.
At 11 she her interest began in sewing and to sew her own garments by hand without a sewing machine.
Very quickly it becomes a real passion and all her own wardrobe consists of her own creations, from swim wears to coats.
When she was 16, after graduation from high school, she tried to apply to fashion school in her country but failed – according to administration «she doesn’t know to draw a human face».
She takes another direction and by having not enough time to chose a future profession – she applies to Pedagogical University Linguistique specialisation to become teacher of english language and an interpreter later.
Valeria got married and gave birth to a son in 2004
She moved to Paris in 2009.
After working in CAFDA as an interpreter, at the airport Charles de Gaulles, and even after founding her own travel agency – Valeriya realised that all she was doing in her professional life was not really a pleasure to do and she decides to come back to her girl’s childhood dream to become a professional fashion designer and applied to a fashion school ESMOD in Paris.
Admitted this time…

Today Valeriya does not draw the face at her scatches : ‘‘I know to design clothes – no need to draw any face’.’
Being against synthetic materials – harmful for health, they can provoke different kinds of allergies, exemas and even cancers and different problems of breath, so she was always using mostly natural one’s as cotton, silk, wool.
After 20 years of working with fabrics she starts to be interested about new materials and begins to work with furs and leather. Now she finds this new experience absolutely magic and fall in love with the way of manufacturing natural skins.
Her fashion design house creates luxury exclusive garments made of muxture of furs and leather in Valeriya’s singular artistic sensibility for women who appreciate superior quality and unique design.
Inspired by innovative solutions our fashion designer creates unusual cuts and unexpected details.
‘‘Our furs of today have nothing to do with the past, they create elegance by their exceptional form and new creative touch to complete the look of the silhouette’’.
Valeriya beleives that Fur is one of the nature’s most alluring gifts, treasured for it’s georgeous beauty.